About us

is a PhD student and postdoc association created with the purpose of organising an informal and discussion-heavy seminar series focused on increasing proximity between world-leading neuroscientists and students and postdocs. We have modelled our approach on the Oxford University Cortex Club  and share with this association a focus on exciting and speculative ideas at the forefront of neuroscience, as well as a desire to promote their discussion in a laid-back and stimulating environment, where there is no such thing as a stupid question. We will cover in our seminar series a whole range of model systems, brain areas and technical approaches; our interest lies in discussing great questions in brain function and development and we hope our seminars will pique your curiosity and set alight your scientific creativity.

NEUReka! seminar series are part of the Department of Developmental Neurobiology programme of external seminars at King’s College London.

Meet our committee:

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Thomas Shallcross (Meyer Group) – thomas.shallcross@kcl.ac.uk

Clémence Bernard (Rico Group) – clemence.bernard@kcl.ac.uk



Nathalie Higgs (Andreae Group) – nathalie.higgs@kcl.ac.uk

Victoria Gonzalez-Sabater (Burrone Group) – victoria.gonzalez_sabater_budilov@kcl.ac.uk


IT Officers

Thomas Sainsbury (Meyer Group) – thomas.sainsbury@kcl.ac.uk

Stephanie Hynes (Lieberam Group) – stephanie.hynes@kcl.ac.uk



Monika Moissidis (Marin Group) – monika.moissidis@kcl.ac.uk

David  Exposito-Alonso – david.exposito-alonso@kcl.ac.uk


Special Events Coordinator

Thomas Sainsbury (Meyer Group)  – thomas.sainsbury@kcl.ac.uk

Nathalie Higgs (Andreae Group) – nathalie.higgs@kcl.ac.uk



Victoria Gonzalez-Sabater (Burrone Group) – victoria.gonzalez_sabater_budilov@kcl.ac.uk




Veronique van den Berghe (Official Blog Writer 2017/18)

Winnie Wefelmeyer (President 2016/17, Committee Member 2017/2018)

Alejandro Pan Vazquez (Treasurer 2016/17, Committee Member 2017/2018)

Susana Ramos (Social Secretary 2016/17, Committee Member 2017/2018)

Antonio Hinojosa (IT officer 2016/2017)

Christopher Puhl (special event coordinator 2016/17)

Stephanie Hynes (Communications officer 2016/17)

Rita Chaouni (Communications officer 2016/17)

Paride Antinucci (IT Officer 2015/16)

Michalina Hanzel (Social Secretary 2015/16)

Alina Letzel (Photographer 2015/16)

Catarina Osório (Co-founder and Treasurer 2015/16)

André Marques-Smith (Co-founder and President 2015/16)

Greta Schachermayer (President 2015/16)

Tristan Varela (Communications Officer 2015/16)

Kinga Laszlone Bercsenyi (Co-founder and Social Secretary 2015/2016)

Rachel Jackson (Treasurer 2016/2018)

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